You and your site employer

Lesson Progress:
What your site and employer should do for you
1.Provide safe methods for deliveries, unloading and parking.
2.Provide suitable and well maintained mobile work equipment.
3.Provide separate routes for pedestrians and vehicles.
4.Provide signage, markings, barriers and lighting.
5.Arrange one-way systems, where possible, and speed limits, and ban or control reversing.
6.Explain the site traffic rules at your induction.
What you should do for your site and employer
1.Follow all signs and speed limits and use unloading and parking areas as instructed.
2.Only use designated vehicle and walking routes.
3.Do not bring any vehicle onto site unless your supervisor has authorised you to do so.
4.Do not move or operate mobile work equipment if you are not trained and have not been authorised to do so.
5.Make sure all pre-start checks and daily maintenance actions are carried out.
6.Always wear your high-visibility clothing.
7.Report any mobile equipment or plant movement you think is unsafe or too close to your work.