You and your site employer

Lesson Progress:
What your site and employer should do for you
1.Use only competent and authorised people to plan, supervise and carry out lifting operations.
2.Provide lift plans and safe systems of work, and identify exclusion zones for all lifting operations and make sure that you are briefed and understand them.
3.Make sure that lifting equipment and accessories are suitable for the task, inspected, maintained and examined.
4.Make sure that lifting equipment and accessories are marked with safe working loads.
5.Provide you with information and training so you can carry out the lifting operation.
What you should do for your site and employer
1.Follow any lift plan and safe systems of work issued. Stop work and tell your supervisor if you cannot.
2.Only start work if you understand your role in the lifting operation.
3.Carry out pre-use checks on equipment and report any defects before starting work.
4.Do not start work until defected items have been properly repaired or replaced.
5.Only act as a slinger/signaller if you are trained, competent and authorised to do so.
6.Attend all briefings as instructed by your supervisor.
7.Do not enter any exclusion zones unless authorised to do so.
8.Store lifting equipment and accessories safely when they are not in use.