You and your site employer

Lesson Progress:
What your site and employer should do for you
1.Put measures in place that allow different trades to work safely together.
2.Make sure all employees fully understand the procedures for reporting accidents, incidents and near misses.
3.Provide an accident book and make sure records are kept of all accidents.
4.Make sure that certain types of serious injury, incidents and occurrences of certain types of work-related ill health are reported to the HSE, where required.
5.Listen, and make sure any concerns you have are acted on.
6.Make sure accident and incident investigations are carried out, to find the cause and understand what went wrong so it can be prevented from happening again (to find the cause, not to find someone to blame).
What you should do for your site and employer
1.Understand and follow your safe system of work.
2.Stop and take advice if you cannot follow your safe system of work.
3.Report any accident you have to your manager or supervisor and make sure the details are recorded in the accident book.
4.Report any near misses or anything you think could be unsafe.
5.Co-operate with any investigation.