You and your site employer

Lesson Progress:
What your site and employer should do for you
1.Assess the project, identify any work that will need workers to enter or work in an excavation, and inform you.
2.Make sure there are adequate resources and equipment to prevent collapse, and a safe system of work is in place where it is necessary to enter an excavation.
3.Make sure suitable training is provided for those installing excavation and trench support systems and anyone entering or working in excavations.
4.Make sure a safe means of getting into and out of excavations (access and egress) is provided.
5.Make sure there is suitable edge protection (such as barriers and stop blocks) in place to prevent people, materials and vehicles from falling into excavations.
6.Carry out safety inspections.
What you should do for your site and employer
1.Do not enter an excavation unless a safe system of work is in place and you are trained, competent and authorised to do so.
2.Do not enter any excavation which is unsupported or has not been inspected.
3.Do not install excavation supports unless you are trained, competent and authorised to do so.
4.Do not take any risks.
5.Do not leave any excavation open or unguarded.
6.Never climb on supports or use supports or exposed services as stepping points to get into or out of an excavation.
7.Report any safety concerns to your supervisor.
8.If you feel unwell, leave the area immediately and tell your supervisor.