You and your site employer

Lesson Progress:
What your site and employer should do for you
1.Develop procedures for avoiding nuisance and pollution and for protecting wildlife and heritage and tell everyone involved.
2.Provide means to safely store, distribute and use materials to avoid damage and pollution.
3.Provide means to segregate and dispose of waste correctly.
4.Explain any specific environmental issues at site induction.
5.Provide information on emergency response procedures and provide the resources (such as spill kits) for immediate action.
6.Identify and colour code site drainage as foul water drains (red) or surface water drains (blue) and combined systems (red ‘C’).
What you should do for your site and employer
1.Turn off plant, equipment and taps when not in use.
2.Reuse materials where possible.
3.Where possible, avoid or control the creation of dust, chemical pollution and noise.
4.Avoid creating waste and dispose of waste correctly.
5.Know where the spill kit is, how to use it and report any incidents.
6.Show respect and consideration for neighbours of the site and members of the public.
7.Report any environmental concerns you may have about pollution, the protection of wildlife, historic buildings and archaeological finds.