Working with asbestos

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Asbestos warning label

Any worker who is due to work in a building or anywhere on site that is likely to contain asbestos, and whose work may expose them to, or bring them into contact with, asbestos, must complete a suitable asbestos awareness course before starting work.

Workers may come into contact with asbestos when undertaking maintenance, refurbishment or demolition work, such as the following.

  • Modifying the structure (partial demolition).
  • Stripping out.
  • Installing new plumbing, electrics, windows and soffits, loft insulation, kitchens and bathrooms.

Never attempt to work on asbestos unless you are competent and equipped to do so, and if necessary, licensed.

All work with asbestos needs a written assessment of the risks, appropriate levels of precaution (such as the use of personal protective equipment) and appropriate training.