Working safely

Lesson Progress:
  • Always wear your high-visibility clothing and keep it clean.
  • Keep to the set walkways or pedestrian routes – never remove a barrier to cross a vehicle route or to take a short cut.
  • If you cannot avoid passing close to mobile plant, or if you need to speak to the operator, you will have to be patient and wait in a safe place until:
    • the operator knows that you are there, the plant stops operating and you are signalled to go past
    • it has finished the job and moved away altogether.
  • Stay out of plant compounds and other parking areas unless you are authorised to be there. Be alert to plant starting up and moving off, and keep out of its way.
  • Do not ask for or accept rides on plant that is not designed to carry passengers. Deaths have been caused by unauthorised passengers clinging onto an item of plant then losing their grip and falling under the wheels or tracks.
  • Report any aspects of plant operations that you think are hazardous to your supervisor or employer. For example, where mobile plant:
    • uses routes that are only intended for pedestrians
    • ignores one-way systems
    • travels or operates too fast and is a danger to other people
    • is operating too close to pedestrians or site operatives carrying out other tasks
    • is operating too close to excavations or at angles that could lead to overturning
    • looks to be defective.

Sometimes there isn’t time to tell your supervisor or employer about a problem. If it is safe to do so, warn the operator and maybe others in the area. Your employer will still need to know about the problem. They can then make sure that the same situation does not happen again.