What employers must provide

Lesson Progress:

Accidents and injuries do happen on site and employers must provide the following.

  • Adequate first aid cover at all times when the site is in operation, including shift work, which may mean appointing trained and competent people to act as first aiders or emergency first aiders, and making sure they are available at all times the site is occupied.
  • Sufficient and suitable first-aid equipment for the hazards and the risks identified (for example, eyewash and burns kits).
  • Arrangements for lone workers or, when the first aider is not there, a means to call for an ambulance or other professional help.

They should also take into account how far the site is from a hospital or the emergency services.

First aid roles

Based on the findings of their assessment of first aid needs, an employer could choose to provide first aid cover by appointing one or more of the following roles.

Appointed person first aid – is appointed when a first aider is not needed in the workplace. Appointed persons are not allowed to give first aid. Their job is to look after the first-aid equipment and facilities and call the emergency services if needed.

Emergency first aider – trained to give emergency first aid at work (EFAW) to someone who is injured or becomes ill.

First aider – trained in first aid at work (FAW) and able to provide first aid for a greater range of injuries and illnesses to someone who is injured or becomes unwell at work. Sometimes there may be other hazards on site, for example working in confined spaces; therefore extra training may be needed.

If you use any first-aid equipment you must inform the person responsible for managing it: the first aider, the appointed person or your supervisor.