Planning the work

Lesson Progress:
  • A risk assessment must be completed for all work at height.
  • The following should be taken into account.
    • The complexity of the work being done.
    • Who is doing the work and for how long.
    • Weather conditions and surface conditions (such as a wet, sloping roof).
    • How to raise and store materials and equipment.
  • Proper precautions and controls must be in place.
  • Choose the right equipment for the work to be done.
  • People working at height must have the right mix of training, knowledge, skills and experience (competence), and the work must be adequately resourced and supervised.
  • The workforce must be told about the risks involved and the risk control measures to be followed.
  • Equipment must be regularly inspected and maintained and defective equipment taken out of service.
  • Emergency arrangements must be in place, including properly developed rescue plans, people trained in rescue procedures and suitable rescue equipment.