Lesson Progress:

No-one on site, or in neighbouring locations, should have to suffer nuisance and possibly ill health because of site activities.

Managing dust and emissions

Talk to your supervisor if you think that the work you are doing might be causing a nuisance to other people. This may be the case if your work activities result in any of the following nuisances occurring.

  • Creating delays and congestion on local roads because of poor traffic management planning and logistics.
  • Contractors and site operatives parking cars without giving consideration to local residents.
  • Causing excessive noise, particularly during unsocial hours.
  • Creating vibration that can be felt off site.
  • Mud or dirt being deposited on public roads or footpaths.
  • Vehicle fumes and noise causing a nuisance to nearby properties or people.
  • Generating foul odours, smoke and dust.
  • Creating off-site dust clouds from haul roads.
  • Site lighting or task lighting shining onto nearby properties or people, including road traffic.
Many large contractors are signed up to the Considerate Constructors Scheme, which requires them to maintain high standards of respect and consideration for site neighbours and the general public.