Managing vibration risks

Lesson Progress:

Your employer has a duty to make sure that you are not exposed to levels of vibration that can cause damage to your health. They must make sure of the following.

  • Your risk of exposure to vibration is assessed.
  • The following measures are put in place to control vibration.
    • Buy equipment that produces the lowest levels of vibration.
    • Choose work methods that avoid exposing workers to vibration, such as the use of machine mounted rather than hand-held breakers.
    • Make sure that equipment is well-maintained and attachments (such as bits and discs) are not too worn.
    • Limit the time you use vibrating equipment, so that you do not receive a potentially damaging vibration dose, and provide you with information on usage limits (trigger times).
  • You are given information and training so that you know the risks from vibration.
  • Health surveillance begins if you are exposed to significant levels of vibration.