Hierarchy for working at height

Lesson Progress:

Step 1. Avoid working at height

e.g. assemble on the ground and lift into position using a crane or by fixing guard-rails to structural steelwork on the ground before lifting and fixing at height

Step 2. Prevent falls from occurring

Use an existing safe place of work
e.g. parapet walls, defined access points, a flat roof with existing edge protection

Step 3. Prevent falls through providing collective protection

e.g. scaffolding, edge protection, handrails, podium steps, mobile towers, MEWPs

Step 4. Prevent falls through providing personal protection

e.g. using a work restraint (travel restriction) system that prevents a worker getting into a fall position

Step 5. Minimise the distance and/or consequences of a fall using collective protection

e.g. safety netting, airbags or soft-landing systems

Step 6. Minimise the distance and/or consequences of a fall using personal protection (The last resort)

e.g. industrial rope access (working on a building facade) or a fall-arrest system (harness and fall-arrest lanyard), using a suitable, high level anchor point