First aid

Lesson Progress:
First-aid post
During your site induction the following information should be explained.

  • Where to find the first-aid kit.
  • Who the first aider and/or appointed first aid person is.
  • How to contact or recognise the first aider and/or appointed person (for example, green hat or sticker on hard hat).
  • Where to get first-aid treatment.

The primary aims of first aid are to preserve life (by carrying out emergency first-aid procedures), prevent the casualty’s condition from worsening (for example, by making the area safe or keeping the casualty from moving) and promote recovery (by calling an ambulance and arranging fast emergency medical help).

Discovering a casualty

If you are first on the scene of an accident your actions could be crucial.

You should do the following.

  • Assess the situation.
  • If it is safe to do so remove or isolate the hazard.
  • Go to the casualty and find out what is wrong.
  • Call for help – if no-one comes explain to the casualty that you are going to go and find help and call the emergency services.
  • Return and stay with the casualty until help arrives.
It is crucial that time is not wasted. The priority is getting help (first aid) and the emergency services to the injured person as soon as possible.