Examples of good practice

Lesson Progress:
Safe working in a deep excavation using trench
  • Examples of good practice for excavation work are listed below.
  • Avoid the need for anyone to go into an excavation.
  • Install excavation supports before anyone goes into an excavation.
  • Use methods that protect the person installing the support system.
  • Stop vehicles from coming too close (for example, use wheel stop blocks).
  • Provide a safe way to get in and out (such as a tied ladder).
  • Only work within the safety of the protected area on long open excavations (for example, within the confines of a drag box or trench supports).
  • Provide fall prevention around the excavation (for example, a handrail or extended trench sheets).
  • Put up barriers around the excavation, particularly where the public have access.
  • Provide lighting; excavations and the guarding around them should be lit during the hours of darkness or other periods of reduced natural light, particularly if the excavation is in a place where the public have access.