Equipment that can cause HAVS

Lesson Progress:

HAVS is caused by the use of hand-held equipment that generates high levels of vibration. Typical equipment that produces enough vibration to cause HAVS includes the following.

  • Compressed air breakers, pneumatic drills, concrete pokers and scabblers.
  • Hand-held drills, including hammer drills and rock drills.
  • Disc cutters, angle grinders and wall chasers.
  • Sanders, circular saws and planers.
  • Plate compactors and strimmers.

Your chance of getting HAVS depends on the vibration dose you receive each day. The dose is a combination of the amount of vibration produced by the tool and the length of time it is used for each day. A common way of managing the risk to workers from vibration in the construction industry is by limiting the daily dose (the amount of time workers spend using vibrating tools).