Environmental responsibilities

Lesson Progress:

Responsibilities of the person in charge of the site

The person in charge of the site has contractual and legal responsibilities to make sure of the following.

  • The client’s environmental requirements are carried out and met.
  • Environmental planning conditions are met.
  • A named individual is appointed with responsibility for environmental issues.
  • Environmental damage and nuisance are prevented during and after construction.
  • Information is provided to all site staff on factors affecting wildlife, areas of historical and archaeological importance, and other special protection orders that may be in force on the site (such as tree preservation orders).
  • Harmful substances (such as chemicals and fuels) are stored and handled correctly to prevent spillage or pollution.
  • Employees have the resources available and are trained how to use pollution response equipment (for example, spill kits and booms).
  • Waste materials are properly segregated to support recycling and avoid pollution.
  • Waste is correctly handled and companies who transport, treat or dispose of waste are registered and licensed.
  • Accurate records and documentation are kept for all activities regarding transfer, treatment and disposal of waste.

Your part in preventing environmental damage

You should be given instructions, training and advice during and after site induction so you understand the following.

  • The site’s environmental rules (such as how to dispose of your waste).
  • What damage your work can have on the surrounding environment.
  • What procedures and controls are in place to avoid waste, nuisance and pollution.
  • What you need to do as an individual.
  • What to do in an emergency (for example, correct use of a spill kit).
  • Who to report any environmental concerns or issues to, and how.
  • That you should stop work and seek advice if you uncover archaeological objects, disturb wildlife or damage protected historic buildings or monuments.
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