Electrical voltages

Lesson Progress:

Battery power

  • Battery-powered tools are the safest option.
  • The severity of any electric shock will be much lower.
  • There are no trailing cables.
  • A lot of sites now provide secure battery charging lockers.

110 volt – yellow

  • Electrical tools should ideally be a maximum of 110 volt or battery operated on construction sites.
  • The standard colour code for 110 volt equipment is yellow.
  • You would feel an electric shock from faulty 110 volt equipment but no lasting damage should be done.

230 volt – blue

  • Domestic voltage or mains power is 230 volts.
  • It is commonly used for generators and electrical distribution.
  • The standard colour for 230 volt outdoor use is blue.
  • If a 230 volt cable is damaged, or if you touch the wires that make up the cable, you will get a severe or even fatal electric shock.
  • 230 volt tools are not allowed on most sites.

400 volt – red

  • The standard colour for 400 volt is red.
  • It is for equipment needing a lot of power (such as a tower crane).
Electricity can kill. If in doubt, stop work and report any concerns to your supervisor.