Asbestos removal

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Damaged asbestos tagging

Projects can be categorised in the following ways.

  • Licensed asbestos work.
  • Notifiable non-licensed work.
  • Non-licensed work.

The removal of high risk asbestos containing materials (such as sprayed asbestos, asbestos lagging and asbestos insulating board (AIB)) must be carried out by a licensed contractor.

The removal of low risk asbestos containing materials (such as asbestos cement products and vinyl floor tiles) would not normally need a licence, as long as the correct precautions are taken (such as wearing the correct personal protective and respiratory protective equipment). Training must be given to all employees undertaking this work.

Labelled encapsulated asbestos
  • You understand and follow the written plan of work.
  • You use the correct respiratory protective equipment (RPE) and personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • You follow company procedures for the cleaning, maintenance and storage of your RPE and PPE.
  • You maintain your RPE and PPE in a clean and efficient state, good order and repair.
  • You use the washing and changing facilities provided.
You must be given awareness training if you are at risk of encountering or disturbing asbestos whilst carrying out your normal everyday work.