Work equipment and hand-held tools

Many types of power tools and hand tools are used in the construction industry and thousands of injuries happen because of misuse and abuse.

Power tools with moving parts, rotating blades and drill bits can cause serious injury in an instant, as can non-powered hand tools (such as handsaws, trimming knives and hammers).

If you use tools regularly, there is a danger that you can become complacent to the hazards and risks. Stay vigilant.

Noise and vibration from using hand-held tools and equipment can pose a serious risk to health, as can the dust created by drilling, cutting and chipping operations. The negative health effects may not be noticeable immediately after using a tool, but can build up and get worse over time. To avoid this risk make sure you follow the correct procedures and wear the correct PPE, to protect yourself from health problems, such as hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS), breathing difficulties and hearing loss.