Environmental awareness and waste control

Environmental awareness is increasingly recognised as being one of the most important issues affecting the world today. Protecting our water supplies, reducing pollution that speeds up global warming, and avoiding industrial processes that destroy our ecosystems and wildlife habitats are all vital actions that the construction industry must take to create a more sustainable built environment.

The construction industry is the single biggest consumer of resources in the UK, using around 420 million tonnes of materials each year. The industry also generates a huge amount of waste (around 100 million tonnes each year); about 20 million tonnes of waste goes to landfill, including 10 million tonnes of new, unused building products.

The poor management of materials and resources on a construction project can lead to large amounts of waste. This is costly, bad for the environment and it can be unsafe.

The following are some ways that waste can be produced.

  • Poor design.
  • Incorrect ordering or over-ordering.
  • Incorrect storage and management of materials leading to damage.
  • Poor workmanship